Skateboard Off Road Wheels

skateboard off road wheels

    road wheels
  • (Road wheel) A bicycle wheel consists of a hub, rim, and spokes. Modern road wheels are generally size 700C. Older road bike wheels may be 27 in.

  • (Road Wheel) A wheel attached to the car or train that rides on the top of the roller coaster rail or track. Road wheels are usually made of steel and coated with nylon, hard plastic or rubber.

  • (Road Wheel) A large diameter (typically 67") steer wheel capable of rotating at selected speeds; used to simulate road surface for tire testing.

  • Ride on a skateboard

  • a board with wheels that is ridden in a standing or crouching position and propelled by foot

  • ride on a flat board with rollers attached to the bottom

  • (skateboarding) the sport of skating on a skateboard

skateboard off road wheels - Kawasaki Trike

Kawasaki Trike

Kawasaki Trike

One cool little tricycle. That's the only way to describe the Kawasaki Tricycle. Features include big fat tires, wide non-slip pedals, padded adjustable seat, safety steering stop to prevent tipping, safety grips, hot Kawasaki graphics AND a real shock absorber on the rear end.

Get your child off to the races with this fun motorcycle-styled Kawasaki tricycle. Featuring a green and black motocross-like design, it offers big fat tires, wide non-slip pedals, padded adjustable seat, and a real shock absorber on the rear end. It also features a safety steering stop to prevent tipping and safety grips on the handlebars. The 10-inch tires and body are made of plastic, while the handlebar is made of steel. It's backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame and forks and a one-year warranty on other components (excluding tires and tubes).

75% (15)

Those Wacky Skateboarders

Those Wacky Skateboarders

So I'm driving up Trail Ridge Road when I look over and saw these two elk just standing there, staring at something further on up the road, and I thought, now what in the hell could be grabbing their attention at 06:00 in the morning when not another soul is around? So I pull over because I think, if there is something around here that THEY are not used to seeing, I'm just going to wait up a bit and see what's wagging this dog's tail.

No sooner do I pull over and snap off a shot of these elk than I see way up the mountain and around the curve, here comes something that isn't a vehicle, but looks like several people riding bicycles down this mountain! Which I have never seen that before because A. it's usually quite cold and B. it's a very, very long way down and very, very steep, like those luge riders might do in the Olympics.

But wait, it gets better. There are three guys alright, on wheels, but they're on skateboards! I'm not lying! I'm not joking! They were on skateboards, riding down Trail Ridge Road at the top of the Continental Divide!

I was so stunned, and they came up so fast, I mean they must have been doing 60 mph, that I didn't even think to snap off a shot, which wouldn't have come out anyway because I just wasn't ready and they were going way too fast. They were wearing those skin tight suits that surfers wear, with helmets and knee pads. One of them did wave at me though.

Can you imagine that? Crazy stuff. I'm glad those elk saw them and didn't continue on across the road because uh oh, it could have been sunrise elk, skateboarders and me souffle, all in one big mess. Thank you, cows.

Summer Vehicle

Summer  Vehicle

In the summer my town can get so packed at times the best form of transportation is a skateboard. With tons of careless drivers who will run you off the road on your bike or back up into you, the skateboard give you much greater response time to weave in between the idiots. This is a board my buddy "Gorn" left with me before he passed. Keeping up the tradition of skating out to the bar or check the waves on the regular. This was shot while skating up to check the waves at the pier.

skateboard off road wheels

skateboard off road wheels

Atom Cruiser Longboard

New Pin-Tail deck design! Designed for superior downhill sessions as well as quick spins around town or campus. Wide trucks and a low center of gravity let you carve deeper with more stability while solid 6" urethane wheels and optional F-series bindings allow you to take your boarding onto rougher terrain without sacrificing the mobility and weight of a normal longboard.

Six-inch polyurethane wheels and standard skate trucks help make this a smooth-rolling urban cruiser.
Designed for surprisingly speedy downhill runs and mellower spins around town or campus, the Atom Cruiser longboard features wide trucks and a low center of gravity for deep, stable carving. Oversized six-inch wheels and optional F-series bindings (sold separately) give you off-road flexibility without sacrificing a standard longboard's mobility and light weight.

Maple laminate deck
PHT graphic material
80 grit aluminum oxide grip tape
Standard skate trucks made of die-cast aluminum hanger and base, and chromoly axle
100A - SHR suspension
Five-spoke hubs
Six-inch polyurethane tires
F-series binding compatible

Ten-pound overall weight
Four-pound deck weight
40-inch overall length
9.5-millimeter axle diameter
14.4-inch axle width
38.6-inch deck length
9.6-inch deck width
20-degree deck tip angle
0.375-inch by 50-millimeter chromoly king pin
9.5 by 22 millimeter bearing
Accepts 22-millimeter bearing
About MBS
Atom is a line of boards produced by MBS. Founded in 1993 in Colorado Springs, MBS pioneered the sport of mountainboarding to extend the snowboard season year round, and is the original mountainboarding company, leading the industry by developing innovative and high performance mountainboard products. MBS is dedicated to the advancement of the sport and its riders, and has expanded its product line to additionally include carveboards, longboards, and skateboards.

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